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How Often Should You Service Your Car? | Car Maintenance 101

Car Maintenance Schedule

It’s always best to solve an issue before it even happens, but when it comes to figuring out how regularly you should service your car, there’s not exactly one answer. From one vehicle to the next, the requirement of service may differ greatly depending on a range of variables such as the model’s year or type of driver you are, the roughness of the terrain you travel on, and especially the history of your car’s maintenance.

Your friends may say no matter what, go in for an oil change service every 5,000 miles. Then again it’s always best to have an idea of what your car is actually going through so that you know what you’re going into the shop for. We recommend having your own car maintenance

Oil Change Service

schedule prepared to prevent damage from occurring. You can spot many of the exact maintenance issues yourself, but of course, Jiffy Lube locations in Miami and elsewhere can help decipher the code of that S.O.S clinking your engine keeps making.

Pay Attention To The Signs

A few common indications that your warning signals may not pick up on include slow startup (sign of a bad battery), steering wheel or tire vibrations (sign of misalignment), or of course visual corrosion or damage to the engine or battery. Scents emitting from the engine area, particularly the smell of rotten eggs, is almost certainly the indication of a failing battery.

If your car model is older than 2007, many manufacturers still recommend setting your car maintenance service schedule for an interval of every 3,000 miles or three months. However, more recent vehicles models can handle service intervals ranging between 5,000 and 7,500 miles, depending on the kind of oil being used among other factors. Oil change service will most likely be the most routine car maintenance schedule you set, and it is absolutely one of the most important.

The warning light indicators shown on the dashboard serve as incredible reminders to get specific components of your car fixed ASAP. Red icons such as the battery light, brake warning light, or the engine temperature warning light represent vital failures that must be addressed before you continue driving, while the yellow or green indicators typically indicate less serious reminders or active functions.

Remembering To Service

The consequences of failing to service your vehicle at consistent, gratuitous intervals are apparent; breakdown may ensue from a number of directions. If the tires stay unrotated or improperly aligned, they will wear down in a dangerous fashion, placing everyone around your car at risk. If the engine’s oil supply doesn’t get replenished regularly, the lack of lubrication harms your engine in irreversible ways. And the battery? If you haven’t been involved in a car breakdown on the highway, trust me, you don’t want to be.

If your car is relatively new, you may be eligible for certain servicing options depending on the conditions of your warranty. Jiffy Lube locations Miami offers a ton of services from cooling shock and strut replacement to fuel system repair or oil change services. As always, consult your vehicle’s user manual to get the specifics on which service intervals they recommend for which components. If you’ve lost your user manual, or just like to do things your way because you’re a rebel, then consider keeping a copybook in your car’s trunk or glove box to log each service you receive, so that you can stay on top of your car’s longevity and your wallet.


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